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A Letter to Oprah Winfrey regarding Fuel Efficient Stoves and Mullets

May 23, 2007

Exciting (if slightly belated) news! Oprah, the grand poobah of Woman-influence in this country, and possibly the world, has featured the Darfur Fuel Efficient Stoves project in this month’s edition of Oprah magazine! From Care2 site’s transcription: From Oprah’s O Magazine, June 2007 issue, page 48, “How Can I Help column, by Jan Goodwin: “Fueling […]

An open invitation to join M4D! Plus, M4D introduces its secret trump card: Julian!

April 7, 2007

After months of careful planning and strategizing, the well-paid staff at M4D have come up with a brand new way to increase donor rates: More mulleteers! And so we present to you: Julian, our newest (and youngest) member of the M4D fashion brigade. Julian, who is 1 year old, brings new energy, vigor, and a […]

Frequently Asked Questions

March 21, 2007

Questions: 1) Is this site serious? 2) Why did you get a mullet? 3) How does it feel to have an actual mullet? 4) Why are you making light of such a tragic situation through your ridiculous haircut campaign? 5) Where can I learn more about the situation in Darfur? 6) Why did you choose […]