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Learn more, play Darfur is Dying

In case you’re tired of only being able to track the situation in Darfur through news reports and foreign media, check out “Darfur is Dying,” an online game hosted by MTVU. (read: Telegraph review)
Serious gaming; that is: video games that serve to engage and educate players around issues often more serious and significant than traditional video games, are an innovative and potentially significant new tool in which to engage non-traditional audiences. In this case, the game effectively maintains the gravity of the situation, while providing an interest level that draws in the player, rather than alienating her.

Slightly skeptical at first, I found myself gradually beginning to connect and empathize with the plight of the character I enacted, hiding from Janjaweed as she scurried towards the well and collecting medical supplies at the IDP camp.

It’s an excellent resource to pass on to younger pre-teen audiences as well, as it depicts the situation in a manner that will not frighten them excessively, but rather allows the player to draw their own conclusions. Of course, it also points players towards specific ways in which they can help Darfuris impacted by the conflict.

Play Darfur is Dying or pass it on:

For those interested in slightly more traditional media, the Washington Post has a marvellous little mini-site on the situation in Darfur.

And as always, I urge you to donate to the Fuel-efficient stoves project if you have not done so already.


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