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A Letter to Oprah Winfrey regarding Fuel Efficient Stoves and Mullets


Exciting (if slightly belated) news! Oprah, the grand poobah of Woman-influence in this country, and possibly the world, has featured the Darfur Fuel Efficient Stoves project in this month’s edition of Oprah magazine!

From Care2 site’s transcription:

From Oprah’s O Magazine, June 2007 issue, page 48, “How Can I Help column, by Jan Goodwin:

“Fueling Hope:

If your reaction to news of atrocities in Darfur, Sudan, is horror mixed with helplessness, it’s time to get involved. Many women living in refugee camps have no choice but to put themselves in the path of government-supported militiamen, Janjaweed, as they rape and slaughter their way across the region. “To fuel their traditional cooking fires, women spend as much as seven hours a day foraging for scarce wood, and while they’re out searching, they’re vulnerable to rape,” says Christina Galitsky, an energy analyst at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. “The men can’t go instead because the Janjaweed kill them outright. And the women have become so desperate, they’re selling their food rations to buy wood.” Galitsky worked with her colleague, renowned scientist Ashok Gadgil, to develop a simple stove that reduces the amount of fuel consumed in cooking by up to 75%. There are 2.2 million refugees in Darfur who need about 300,000 stoves; for $30 you can donate one to a woman and help keep her and her family safe. Visit”

Since being featured, the donations have poured in for the project!

Sadly enough, there was no mention of Mullets for Darfur. Nevertheless, I have a proposition to share with all of you, but specifically with Oprah herself:

Dear Oprah,

I noticed you featured the Darfur Fuel Efficient Stoves project in the most recent May 2007 edition of Oprah the Magazine. However, I notice you did not featured the project on your television show.

I have an offer to make to you: as a long-time (relatively speaking) supporter of the FES project, and a long-time fan of your program–if you’re a friend of my Mum, you’re a friend of mine–I would humbly like to submit myself to you as an offer.

You may have noticed that I have a little site that features a mullet haircut that I had snipped specifically to raise funds for Darfur. It is gone now, sadly/fortunately enough. However, I am not quite done yet:

Big HTo be featured on your show, I will get my hair permed during an episode of your show into a FULL-BLOWN OPRAH PERM for Darfur. All of you audience participants will then win A LOCK OF MY HAIR! Additionally, the highest bidder will win a romantic date with me and get their own Oprah perm, if they so wish.

Alternatively, it would be nice if you just mention the FES project on your program.


-Mullet entrepreneur and founder of Mullets4Darfur


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