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Learn more, play Darfur is Dying

May 28, 2007

In case you’re tired of only being able to track the situation in Darfur through news reports and foreign media, check out “Darfur is Dying,” an online game hosted by MTVU. (read: Telegraph review) Serious gaming; that is: video games that serve to engage and educate players around issues often more serious and significant than […]

A Letter to Oprah Winfrey regarding Fuel Efficient Stoves and Mullets

May 23, 2007

Exciting (if slightly belated) news! Oprah, the grand poobah of Woman-influence in this country, and possibly the world, has featured the Darfur Fuel Efficient Stoves project in this month’s edition of Oprah magazine! From Care2 site’s transcription: From Oprah’s O Magazine, June 2007 issue, page 48, “How Can I Help column, by Jan Goodwin: “Fueling […]