Mullets for Darfur
Save Darfur, Lose the Mullet

Fundraiser Recap: the end of a Mullet

A raging success.

My previously-mentioned 80s Mullet Fundraiser party had a great turn-out, and indeed, a great crowd. Revelers of all colors, eclectic walks of life and sartorial dispositions rolled through the doors of the Q Salon on a beautiful early Spring evening for an 80s mullet fundraiser to benefit CHF International’s Fuel-Efficient Stoves project for Darfuri women that lasted well into the night.

On offer at the table of liberation was fairy bread and vegemite, two staples of any young Aussie child’s diet, growing up in the 80s or any time since. Tater tots were served from milk saucers, neon M&Ms ended up in Jello, and most lands of the world were represented by various libations, all set to a critical 80s-spiked soundtrack courtesy of DJ Mu-Lei.

Derek and the mystical fairy bread
A large pot was laid out soliciting donations for the Fuel-Efficient Stoves project that Mullets for Darfur was launched to assist, rapidly filling up with a healthy bundle of bills.

As the room filled and the dance floor gathered steam, it was soon time to cap the night with what the people had come to see: the snipping of the grand mullet. “Mick,” as I had begun to refer to my burnt sienna Kentucky Waterfall, had been flying the Down South pride flag for several months, and his end was imminent. Whilst “Land Downunder”, Juanes and some Soul II Soul kept the party groovin’, the thirteenth hour arrived. Silently, I mentally prepared to bid adieu to my shortlived, but much dis/appreciated friend.

As the opening notes of the Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi” echoed outwards, we gathered the crowd in close. Shweta, gracing the crowd with her pink leg-warmers and flipped pony-tail all night, had been pre-selected to perform the mighty deed. As she pulled the mighty scissor blades in close, the countdown began…

Shweta takes aim for the snip
With one hand grasping the entire animal in her hand, Shweta–a slight girl by stature–cut fiercely, clipping the beast in a slightly lop-sided, but altogether effective blow. Mick was held up to the crowd in triumph. The crowd cheered. Later on, they sighed with relief. All the while, the tunes continued to pump from my hardworking little laptop.

And just like that, it was gone. After months of playful tugs, finger twirling and public bemusement, the mullet was removed. Staring into the mirror, I felt partly naked, as if I had lost a dear pet. Such are the small sacrifices one makes to raise funds towards a deserving cause.

At initial count, the party raised over $300. Subtracting (some unexpected) expenses, the final total reached approximately $70.

PS: YouTube footage of the great snip to be uploaded soon.


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