Mullets for Darfur
Save Darfur, Lose the Mullet

An update on the state of the mullet…plus, Fundraiser time!

An update on the mullet growth situation is in order:
It’s been getting on a month since the launch of M4D and people are clearly interested in finding out how the mullet nastiness is going:

So after getting a roommate to snap some shots, I came to the realization that my little tadpoles swimming out back have since developed into a living, breathing ANIMAL of truly terrifying proportions. Clearly, something had to be done.
The animal
So I meditated on the predicament my mullet campaign was now in.
Mullet meditation
Finally, I thought of an obvious way to speed up the process: Why not throw an eighties mullet fundraiser kegger party to make the funds roll in quicker?

And so it is, that on Friday, the 20th of April, the Q Hair Salon’s Snipping of Mark’s Gigantic Mullet fundraiser party shall take place.

Mullets rock

Who ever donates the most will still have the chance to cut off the animal, but if they so wish, they could pass on the duties to a personally hand-selected friend to take care of the action. If over $250 is raised, it will all go: mullet and all, leaving me bald and monk-like.

It promises to be a good time, and I’m quietly confident that a good amount of money will be raised for the project.

Finally, if you haven’t already donated: do it now! It’ll only take five minutes and five dollars.

Lastly, the current total stands at: $96! I’m almost to the big triple figure mark. Can you believe it?…the power of the mullet as a cross-cultural, universal humanistic force for social change is real!


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