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Christmas in Darfur

March 30, 2007

During my brief but undoubtedly impression-leaving stint for Aveda, I happened to meet a young filmmaker named Jason Mojica. What is the likelihood of two amateur hair models having an active or semi-active interest in Darfur? In DC? Not so surprising. He spent Christmas in Chad, shooting a documentary with the various resistance movements and […]

In honor of Darfur’s aid workers

March 29, 2007

The New York Times recently featured an insightful piece on aid workers working in Darfur. It is only because of their committed collective efforts that the Fuel-Efficient Stoves project can even be implemented. From the article: Here in Deribat, a rebel-held town in the Jebel Marra mountains, help can arrive only by helicopter because government […]

Frequently Asked Questions

March 21, 2007

Questions: 1) Is this site serious? 2) Why did you get a mullet? 3) How does it feel to have an actual mullet? 4) Why are you making light of such a tragic situation through your ridiculous haircut campaign? 5) Where can I learn more about the situation in Darfur? 6) Why did you choose […]

Show me the Mullet!

March 21, 2007

“So show me the mullet!” demanded the skeptics. Well here you go: I was given this rather adventurous snip at the recent hair show put on by the Aveda Institute in Washington D.C., my current home. My mullet tips were given the glorious “burnt sienna” fire color by Kindess, a true kindred spirit Aveda had […]

Why this site?

March 21, 2007

This campaign started off as a response against ignorance and injustice. Why, I asked myself, tugging playfully at the healthy tresses that ran down my neck, are Americans (and much of the world) so vehemently opposed to mullets? The coiffe of choice for such prominent leaders in American society as President James Polk, pitcher Randy […]